With so many resources available to you when booking a trip, visiting a travel agency might seem as archaic as using an abacus to do math.  What could a travel agent possibly do that you couldn't do yourself?  

Don't waste your money on unnecessary travel insurance, and don't arrive at the airport to find that you don't have the proper visa.  We know how to get you in an out of any country or city with as little hassle and as little money as possible. 

#6 We Know What You Need (And What You Don't)

Why Do I Need A Travel Agent?

#3 We're Always On Call

‚Äč#2 We Can Save You Money

#1 We'll Find The Destination For You

"It said 'Free Sightseeing Tour.'"  It didn't say anything about waiting 3 hours to be crammed into a bus all day."

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"Two-hour airport shuttle" didn't sound that bad...

We know what you're thinking.  "How could paying someone to do something I can do myself save me money?"  With affiliations with endless travel companies (airlines, cruise operators, resorts, etc.), we get exclusive deals that aren't directly available to travelers.  With flash deals that come and go within hours, we know when to book and how to book.

Beyond that, we know all of the tricks.  Switching airports, dates, airlines, or itineraries could cut the cost of your vacation in half.  Price out a vacation on your own to see if you can beat our price.  We dare you to try.

There's a whole world out there.  We'd love to show it to you.

#4 We've Been There Before

Got a problem with the hotel?  We're on it.  You're going to miss your connecting flight?  Give us a call.  We're here 24/7 to ensure that you return home safe, happy, and on time.

Just ask any self-booking traveler who has missed a connecting flight.  From there, all of your reservations will be canceled and you will forfeit the cash.  That's not the case with us.  We've encountered every problem you can think of, and we know exactly how to handle it.  Just think of us as your little on-call travel guide who is always ready to take your call.

There goes my connecting flight... and $2,000.

#5 Avoid These Problems

There are an infinite number of problems you can encounter on your trip, and drastically less if you book with a travel agent. Let The Travel Store help you with your next vacation so none of these happen to you.

#7 Maximize Your Fun!

"When is it MY turn to swim with the dolphins?"

This is your vacation.  It's your time to make memories, to bond with your family, and to check off items on your bucket list.  Don't return home disappointed because you didn't make the proper preparations.  Your enjoyment is our job, and we're very, very good at what we do.  So go on, make some memories that will last a lifetime.  Show your family how amazing the world is.  We'd love to help.

Sure, we could get you to Disneyland or London, but why not try some place off the beaten path?  We know all of the hidden gems all over the world.  Choosing a destination that isn't crawling with other tourists could give you a better vacation for a fraction of the price.  Read about some of our favorite spots on our Destination of the Month page.

The website said this hotel was 'centrally located.'

We're so glad you asked.

We all know that online reviews and websites aren't always entirely accurate (except for this one!).  Don't waste your trip on a boring tour or a cruise that doesn't appeal to your liking.  Who better to trust for your travel recommendations than someone who has done it all before?  We know what's worth it and what is a waste of time and money.

Don't know what you want?  Come talk to us!  Travel is our passion and we love sharing our knowledge and experiences to help you find the vacation of your dreams.