Family Vacations That Make

So what really is the perfect family vacation?

4 hours  Adults: $75.75  Child: $50.75

Prices starting at: $299.75

Ask us what we can do to give your family the best week of their lives.

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3 Shore Excursions for $99

Learn to Sail and Race in Bermuda

4 hours  Adult: $129.75  Child: $65.75

Here's just a few packages we're offering:

Family Competitions

Amazing Race in Cozumel

After a 45-minute lesson from an expert sailor, your family will put your newly acquired skills to the test as you race in the Bermuda Gold Cup for the medal in the breathtaking Atlantic around the enchanting island of Bermuda.

How about one that you enjoy just as much as your kids.  One with family activities that strengthen the bonds between you.  Maybe even one that â€‹pits you against other families in heated (yet friendly) competition.

Geocaching in an Island Rainforest in Alaska

Everyone has had the dream of riding a gondola through the canals of Venice, Italy.  How about you and your family rowing your own gondola in a race against other families?  We've got incredible deals on all sorts of friendly competitions that will bind your family together.  Sailing competitions in Bermuda and Portugal, flamenco dance-offs and treasure hunts in Spain, hunting for gold and geocaching in Alaska, and an Amazing Race in Cozumel are all on the list of fun-filled Family Tour Challenges that we're offering. While other families are sweating in the heat through endless lines for Space Mountain, your family could be rowing through Venice or having a treasure hunt around Copenhagen, Denmark.  So don't be a victim of the stressful family vacations that you're pressured into, and take a trip that you, your spouse, and your children will remember for the rest of your lives.

2 hour 30 minutes  Adult: $139.75  Child: $99.75

We all know that pulling a child away from an electronic device is more difficult than pulling teeth.  Get them outdoors and let the kids use their knowledge of technology to guide your family through a geocaching puzzle through the Alaskan wilderness to uncover clues in a race against other families.

venetian gondoliering challenge

So we ask again, what is the perfect family vacation?

There's so much pressure on you, as a parent, to give your family a dream vacation.  All too often, mothers and fathers find themselves in the middle of Disneyland bickering about lines as their children cry because they missed the Finding Nemo Voyage.  Don't let your family trip chip away at your patience rather than bind you together with your loved ones.  

You always hear of amazing deals on cruises, then arrive to find that you have to spend a fortune at your destination if you want to have any fun.  Well, right now we're offering three shore excursions for $99 so you can explore your Caribbean destination without emptying your wallet.  You and your family can enjoy:

  • Soaring high on the Dragon's Tail Coaster right on the beaches of Haiti
  • Playing the day away at a water park at Playa Mia, Cozumel
  • Exploring the first landing spot of Christopher Columbus at Falmouth, Jamaica
  • Learning how to make Mayan chocolate in Cozumel
  • Hearing pirate tales in Grand Cayman

And if you can break away from the kids, we've got some cool excursions for adults, like:

  • Learning how to make (and taste) rum in Jamaica
  • Sipping unlimited cocktails in St. Maarten

It's not sitting in a fancy hotel or waiting in lines.  It's not a few amazing photos surrounded by endless arguments and frustration.  It's cheap, it's stress-free, and it's fun that doesn't let up for the entire duration of your trip.  It's a trip that reminds you that your family is the greatest blessing in your life.  And it's waiting for you right now...

A Happy Family

Cruising the Caribbean

What Makes A Perfect Family Getaway?

We've got some exciting trips this month that will change the way you think about a family vacation.

You'll exercise your body, your mind, and your sense of humor in this dash around the city of Cozumel.  

Show your family the wonder of this iconic city as you battle against other families after a crash course at the Venetian Rowing Club.  There's simply no better way to see a country by yourselves while strengthening family bonds.