Towering, snow-capped mountains zoom by the domed window overhead.  Crystal lakes mirror the image below.  A gourmet dessert sits on the table in front of you.  Go ahead.  Have a second glass of wine.  It's free - and you won't be doing any of the driving.

It's no wonder why rail trips are all the rage right now.  The Rocky Mountaineer has all the luxury and relaxation of a cruise ship.  But cruise ships are all about distracting you from the journey.  Trains are all about the journey itself.‚Äč

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Gourmet chefs will stuff your belly with culinary delights.  Knowledgeable tour guides will dazzle the mind at the history of the surreal landscape you are witnessing.  And your trip will be highlighted by stops in some of the most amazing cities of Canada and the USA.  It's a trip that will make you see our continent in a mesmerizing new light.

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Trips start around $2,000 per person, and include drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), meals, and hotel stay in the continent's most incredible cities.  And there's no better time to tack on an Alaskan cruise at the end of your journey.  After training through the Rockies and cruising to Alaska, you'll have experienced the best of our entire continent in one trip.

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If Alaska is more enticing than the train trip, we can book you that Alaska trip you've always dreamed of.  Now is the time to book.  Don't book when you're ready to go and pay double.  Book now and have something to look forward to all summer long.

Make your initial deposit on a getaway to France, Germany, Greece, or Italy.  Have you heard about European River Cruises?  They're a great way to see the highlights of an entire continent without hauling your luggage anywhere.  Whatever your dream European holiday is, we'll make it happen.  Don't trust your vacation to your fantasies.  Trust the experts at The Travel Store who are experienced in making fantasies come true!

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