#3 Nightlife

The heavenly beaches where you've played the day away take on a different tone at nightfall.  Luaus, hula dances, fire shows, and cocktails make these pristine beaches the ultimate party setting for any type of traveler.  If you'd rather listen to dance music than crashing waves, head inland and their are several clubs that don't stop bumping until the wee hours of the morning.  Whether you want kid-friendly or adults-only, Hawaii's party scene will surely be the thrill that you're looking for.

#5  The Food

While just about any American city has restaurants of every cuisine imaginable, there is only one place where you can taste authentic Hawaiian Kalua pig roasted underground.  Poi, Lomilomi Salmon, and Haupia (coconut pudding) are all on the menu at your Hawaiian luau, and are all foods that you won't find back home.

#1 Fun for the Whole Family

While just about any activity in these dreamlike islands can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike, there are a slew of activities that will ensure that you make lifelong memories with the little ones.  Petting dolphins and horseback riding are easily enjoyed by all ages.  More adventurous kids can go on hikes to surreal waterfalls and even up volcanoes.  When Mom and Dad need a break, kids can attend camps where they'll learn to make leis and do some native Hawaiian hula dances.

There's a reason that Hawaii is synonymous with paradise.

#2 Convenience

While these islands are arguably the most beautiful in the world, there is no argument that they are the most accessible.  With no passport required, no language barrier, and no need to haul luggage through crowded airports, Hawaii is the ultimate stress-relieving destination.  Cruise ships will take you to all of the highlights so there is no need to carry your bags and board boats or planes to do some premium island-hopping.  Simply disembark at each unique paradise with nothing but your sunglasses and swimsuit, and enjoy Heaven on Earth.

You're greeted at the port by bronzed islanders adorning you with fresh leis.  Within minutes, you're sitting on a pristine beach sipping daiquiris next to colorful macaws as the natives prepare the mouth-watering luau for your dinner.  While this island chain sells itself, here are five reasons why this should be the year you visit Hawaii.


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#4 Wildlife

While brilliantly colored parrots inhabit the shores and surrounding jungles, the real wildlife exists beneath the ocean surface.  Whether you go by boat, snorkel, or scuba, you're bound to see some incredible animals.  Mantas, turtles, and an overwhelming abundance of vibrant fish are easily spotted just about anywhere in the archipelago.  RIGHT NOW IS THE SEASON TO SEE HUMPBACKS AND AWE-INSPIRING WHALE SHARKS!  One glimpse at either will surely blow your mind.

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