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Always Use a Travel Agent to Plan Your Disney Vacation

We're often asked why anyone should use a travel agent in this age of DIY, and Disney World is a perfect example.  At The Travel Store, we know the best times to book, how to get the best prices, and how to get in and out of the park in the shortest amount of time while still hitting all of the must-see's.  In fact, we've actually received special certification to be authorized Disney travel specialists.  Navigating the park on your own would be like trying to fix your car by watching YouTube.  Sure, it can be done, but it will equate to stress, and remember that every second you're lost in the park is costing you money.  Make the most of your time with your family and stretch every dollar as far as it will go.  Remember, we have no affiliation with Disney, so we're here to save you money, not sell you on unnecessary expenditures.

Disney World Can Be a Magical Place

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Don't Wait in Line... And Save Money!

​FastPasses can turn a nightmarish Disney trip in to that family vacation you've always dreamed of.  Imagine having your own personal team of robots to wait in several different lines for you and notify you when it is your turn.  That, essentially, is what a FastPass is.  Not only will it turn every 2-hour wait time into a 2-minute wait time, but these cute, Disneyed-out wristbands arrive prior to your vacation to add excitement to your already ecstatic children.  Although these wristbands aren't free, you can easily turn a 5-day Disney trip into a 2-day vacation and actually see more of the park.  How much could that save you?

We don't need to tell you about how wonderful of a place Disney World can be.  There is good reason why it is world-renowned, why it is the cornerstone of a happy childhood, and also why so many parents fear coming here.  Take the terror away from a trip to this enchanting park and make some memories that will bind your family together... forever.

Disney World.  These two words are synonymous with magic, excitement, and imagination at its purest.  Checking this vacation off your list tends to be a deciding factor in your worth as parents.  Unfortunately, parents don't associate Disney World with magic, but with stress, long lines, and of course, thousands and thousands of hard-earned dollars to pay for that one picture with Mickey Mouse.

Disney World CAN be a Magical Place... Even for Parents!

Disney World - A Dream or a Nightmare?

(Answer: A Dream... If You Do It Right)

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