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glaciers in alaska

With stunning beaches, mouth-watering food, and a hopping nightlife, Bermuda is an island that urges you to lay out all day and party all night.  If you're looking for romance, this is most definitely the place.  Nightly bonfires encourage you to have a drink and take a midnight dip in the ocean.  Get the full spa treatment inside a cave!  At Grotto Bay Spa, you can bask in the seclusion and pristine beauty of an enchanting cave while masseuses rub the stress away.  While this insanely gorgeous island will make it easier to return to work and your everyday life, you just might not leave.

A week on this utopian island is enough to make anyone forget about their troubles with their work, relationship, or home life.  Come restart your life for as low as $649 for the entire week.  What price would you pay to erase all of your worries?


April 2017

Cruise Alaska... ​Before It's Too Late


Wildlife in the galapagos​​


or island living in bermuda?

April is truly an exciting month for travel.  We've got amazing deals for that island cruise you've always dreamed of in Bermuda, we're down to the wire offering huge last-minute deals for Alaska, and right now we're seeing some incredible savings for a trip to one of the most unique places on Earth - the Galapagos Islands.

The Galapagos Islands

The ice cracks like lightning striking a tree and echoes through the mountains, then plummets into the crystal waters below.  Anyone who has witnessed this spectacle will tell you that it is truly a sight to behold.  

But your time is melting.

Not only is the season coming to an end, but the glaciers are vanishing by the day.  Lucky for you, we've got deals as low as ​$599 for a weeklong cruise to Alaska.  If you don't go now, there's a good chance you never will.

Like a land before time, these islands off the coast of Ecuador were where Charles Darwin formed his theory on evolution. And it's no wonder why this land of the rarest wildlife on the planet was Darwin's inspiration.  Giant tortoises, marine iguanas, lava lizards, penguins, fur seals, and blue footed boobies roam freely making the land look like an entirely different planet.  And you thought kangaroos were exotic...

You can cruise through these unique islands any month of the year, and as long as you book during April, you'll get $1,000 OFF your package.  These islands are a once in a lifetime destination, and this is a once in a lifetime deal.  So if you've been thinking about a trip that will completely blow your mind, talk to us today about visiting The Galapagos Islands.